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As one of the areas leading lettings agents we offer professional unbiased advice from market valuations, demand and market conditions, right through to preparation, decoration and if necessary furnishing of your property to make sure it appeals to the widest possible market.

Most landlords usually have two requirements, firstly they want a tenant that is going to look after their property and secondly they want to see the tenant paying the rent on time. We believe that one of the secrets to choosing the right tenant is choosing the right agent. 

Rather than instructing a whole host of agents, we believe it is more beneficial for the landlord if they were to grant a period of exclusivity, which means that hopefully this enables us to choose the right tenant for your particular needs. Should the marketing of the property produce a number of interested parties, it is then easier for us to provide an unbiased view on who we feel is the best prospect for your needs or if indeed, it would be better to wait for other alternatives to come along. 

Obviously as an agent we want to let your property in the shortest possible time, but we need to choose the right tenant and sometimes this can take a little longer, by marketing this way it avoids being put under pressure by a number of agents fighting to get their tenant accepted in order not to lose their potential commission. It also avoids making a rushed decision, which may not always be in your best interests.

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