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James King Estates can help you maximise time in front of your audience with innovative 4 PAGE brochure design, engaging with Important content  and flawless artwork. Regardless of objective, we’re proud of the proven effectiveness of our brochure design – a powerful marketing tool designed to deliver results. And we take care of everything for you, from the initial concept stages, down to print production and delivery.

Your brochure is important to get right to target an audience of hundreds, even thousands by being listed on James King Estates website.

When it comes to brochure design James King Estates pays special attention to the printing stage. After all, the sense of touch is key when creating the kind of lasting memory that triggers a reaction, and could make or break your audience’s first impression of your listing on our website.

James King Estates believes the power of effective brochure design doesn’t end when printed copies have been delivered; we can also translate your brochure into a digital interactive format ( PDF ) that transmits a sense of ownership and playfulness, immediately encouraging your audiences to engage and share with potential buyer or tenant.

James King Estates includes a marketing brochure with all the packages on the private sellers advertising page.

For more information please email us at You can order a basic, standard or premium package or if your looking to just purchase a marketing brochure and photos just add these items in the Media Marketing Services by click to buy.



Click to Buy Marketing Brochures 20 copies of a 4 page brochure £60.00 + VAT